I am Amanda Maria.


I am WBFF Pro, cookbook author, and modeling coach. I hope the offerings on this website leave you motivated, inspired and help you to achieve your goals and dreams.


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This cookbook was created for the individual who wants to eat healthy! The recipes in this cookbook center around simplicity and most recipes have five key ingredients or less.

Modeling Coaching

My goal is to help you discover how to bring “YOU” to the stage and showcase a performance that makes you memorable.


Achieve Your Goals

If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

You can do anything!

Virtual Modeling Coaching

  • 1 Appointment



  • 6 Appointments
  • 2 Weekly Video Check-ins
  • Bonus Appointment/Check-in Before the Show
  • 12 Appointments
  • Unlimited Video Check-ins
  • Bonus Appointment/Check-in Before the Show
  • Coaching Advice in other WBFF (bikini, fashion, traveling tips, mindset, etc)
Amanda Maria

You can do anything!

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