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This cookbook was created for the individual who wants to eat healthy! Discover healthy eating that is simple, colorful, cost efficient and full of options.

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Pages: 77

What can I expect?

This cookbook was created for the individual who wants to eat healthy! The recipes in this cookbook center around simplicity and most recipes have five key ingredients or less. Time-saving tips are also offered throughout this book to help save time in the kitchen. Healthy tips are paired with 95% of the recipes in this book to help customize each meal to help you meet your own personal nutritional, health, and fitness goals. A macro/calorie reference list of all key ingredients has also been included and there is a detailed calorie/macro breakdown of each dessert. This cookbook is also meant to be cost efficient. Recipes for each week are built around approximately 5-10 key ingredients for the whole week and the rest of the ingredients are either very cost friendly fruits and vegetables or optional ingredients. This cookbook can be used by anyone to either lose weight, maintain weight, etc. There is a colorful variety of ways to eat simple, quick, and healthy included in this cookbook — eating healthy does not need to be time consuming or boring!


  • 7x NEW recipes each week (5 weeks total)
  • Weekly Grocery List 
  • Healthy Tips, Time-saving Tips, and Modifications (high carb/low carb/lower calorie options, etc.) for each recipe to help you customize the meal according to your personal goals
  • Macro/Calorie breakdown for dessert recipes
  • Macro/Calorie reference list of main foods used in all recipes
  • Photos for EACH recipe 
  • Meal Planner 
  • BONUS Meal Prep Ideas/Recipes

The contents of this book are not to be shared or published and are intended for personal use only. 

Copyright 2022 Amanda Maria [Rubio]

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3 reviews for Cookbook

  1. Heather

    This cookbook is well organized and offering multiple weeks of quick delicious recipes that incorporate options and suggestions that suit individual food preferences. The weekly grocery list is amazingly helpful and many items are already staples in my pantry. I LOVE the Companion Food Journal, not only does help with tracking carb/macro/calorie intake, help with tracking start/end weight and measurements, and water intake; it also has a Gratitude Journal which I find extremely helpful in reflecting on my own personal journey!

  2. Enrique barron

    This cookbook is organized and well rounded. Offers variety and provides low Calorie tasteful meals and treats. Great for folks who are tired of eating the same meals daily and need a macro friendly menu. The weekly grocery list is definitely a favorite of mine. Provides not only ingredients needed for the meals but also extra options.

  3. Sammi Salinas

    Let me first say I have been in the industry for years and no one has quite nailed easy, healthy and delicious receipts like Amanda! wow I have made 5 of these in a 3 days time. I’m obsessed! there are receipts you can follow whether your leaning up, maintaining and even getting ready for stage! I highly, highly recommend this cook book to you if you are looking for a better lifestyle change.

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